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DT6 Formula one racing aircraft

There seems to be no more powerful memory to an aviation enthusiast than the childhood dream of flight. Countless lives have been shaped by this young ambition, pulling us forward into adulthood to become aircraft builders, pilots, historians, and so many other professions that begin to complete this dream. The inherent need to fly, and the overwhelming compulsion to innovate is so strong in some people that these qualities form the basic structure of their lives.

Such was the dream of David Triano, a young man who grew up deeply immersed in the tradition of homebuilt aircraft innovation. From 1976, at the age of 11 when he and his father flew to Mojave to review the new ‘Vari-Eze’ created by Burt Rutan, to his Senior Thesis ‘Trans-Sonic Business Jet’ project at Art Center College of Design in 1990, the theme remained constant: A deep passion for cutting-edge aircraft and the principles by which they operated. As a world-renowned Transportation Designer of over 180 subjects in the automotive, marine, and aerospace industries over the last 30 years, David has maintained constant research into state-of-the-art advanced materials, and integrated this research consistently into his design work. New materials, processes, and aesthetics carefully applied to realize true innovation: this has been David’s life work.

David’s passion and depth of experience have been brought to bear on a new design to set new FAI records: The DT-6. This extraordinary aircraft began development in 2011, and it is now under construction. The DT-6 has been fully built in the Autodesk Alias 3D design environment, every detail has been engineered to fully optimize the strength of advanced material science to create a new aircraft with dominating speed, and a powerful team of racing professionals has been assembled to bring the DT-6 to completion.
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